Why frrole exists

Resulticks is a next generation marketing automation platform, which has Omni-channel capabilities to reach, engage and convert customers instantaneously and contextually across online and offline channels (across email, mobile (in-app, SMS), web, QR code, social sentiment monitoring). It is an integrated platform with capability to aggregate audience data from multiple systems & touch points, segment, manage different types of integrated omni channel campaigns & automation flows, provide extensive analytics & reporting by tracking audience interactions across paid, owned and earned media.
Contrary to what most people believe, software is still quite dumb. Data and good algorithms would make software more intelligent.There are four large data sets that can do so – public web data, captive data, social web data and sensory/mobile data. Google has mastered the public web data; and at Frrole, we want to be the Google of social web. However, it is hard to execute against such a broad thought, so our first focus is on the Marketing segment, given that it has been the most prolific buyer of social analytics software so far and has confidence in its value. We differentiate by focusing on #peopleintelligence, giving the marketers the next level of consumer insight by leveraging a combination of social and non-social data. In due course, we want to look beyond consumer intelligence for marketers, at possibilities in Personalization, Finance, Government, Markets etc. Personalization of the web is close to our hearts, given that it makes the software more intelligent, which goes a long way in making the internet a better place for the consumer.

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