Thursday , 21 September 2017
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India IT hardware manufacturers suffer fiscal disabilities estimated at 6.47%: MAIT Study


 Urgent steps to address Fiscal and Market anomalies can enable doubling of IT hardware production in one year to US$ 2.6 billion, help to achieve the vision of ‘Net Zero Imports’ of ICT and Electronics hardware products by 2020, establish India as a global ESDM supply hub Favourable duty differential regime can potentially generate 10,56,000 jobs in India IT manufacturing and ... Read More »

Market Overview on Digital Supply Chain Transformation


Supply chain transformation is a massive undertaking that requires leadership and vision at the C-level, and a holistic transformation approach that fosters automation, connectivity, data sharing and collaboration across the entire value chain but executives see a large gap between the current state of Digital Transformation across their extended global supply chains and what they expect to see just five ... Read More »

What Startups Must Know Before Raising VC


The four years between 2010 and 2014 saw funds to startups increase from $13 million to $1,818 million, while angel investments grow eightfold in the same period from $4.2 million to $32.2 million. In 2015 risk capital worth USD 9 billion was pumped into the sector, across 1005 deals. So , in effect, between 2010 and 2015, the sector saw ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Startups Fail


Attracted by phenomenal talent that is leveraging technology in a massively successful manner, the startup business has never had it so good in India. Today five of the top seven Indian startups valued over $1 billion (more than Rs. 6,400 crore), have been founded by IITians. 2014 saw 3100 startups and the numbers projected for 2020 are 11,500. This new ... Read More »

The Startup Dream – Soar or Bust?


The Modi government, if nothing else, has given young India hope. In the 2015-2016 budget, Rs. 1000 crores were allocated for funding startups. In addition, a number of initiatives that help in all kinds of support through government led agencies have been initiated. The business ecosystem has really seen some hardcore disruptions, loads of risks taken and some great successes, ... Read More »

IoT can be the answer to improved client service in the ecommerce business


The eCommerce sector is currently crowded with e-Malls where one eCommerce store is catering to consumers for products in almost every category. These marketplaces are selling a toothpaste and an industrial Vacuum Cleaner on the same portal. Data collected on consumer-behavior infers that consumers are more likely to buy from eCommerce stores which are specialists in a category of products, ... Read More »



At the launch of Digital India Week on July 1, 2015, PM Modi had some encouraging words, “I dream of a Digital India where cyber security becomes an integral part of our national security… The world is so worried about cyber security. One click can change a lot of things…”  However what he did not mention publicly was that the ... Read More »

The Great Indian Digitization


 Today, the word ‘Smart’ has become synonymous with our PM’s concept of urban development. He equates urban growth and development with better utilisation of technology, digitization of various aspects of urban planning and lifestyle, and hence save on costs, conserve energy and make life better for Indians. While the smart cities initiative was announced in 2012 , and allocated Rs. ... Read More »

Budget Realities on PM’s Digital India & Smart Cities Projects


With this ambitious plan of PM Modi for Digital India and smart cities, the Budget 2016 broke some dreams but mostly created some strong ones. Arun Jaitley’s Budget of 2016 gave a definitive boost to the branch of IT that will drive the implementation of smart technologies for the plans of 100 smart cities to be in place. With 11 ... Read More »

India continues to be a strategic global sourcing and supply chain hub for GE


4th GE Supplier’s Conference attended by over 500 suppliers Discussions include preparing supply chain for Industry 4.0 Reiterating its commitment to partner India in developing a robust and sustainable supply chain ecosystem, GE organized its 4th Supplier’s Conference in Pune inviting more than 500 strategic suppliers of the company in India. In line with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, GE ... Read More »