Thursday , 21 September 2017
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BPO Female Employees are safer with IoT-bases Tracking Solutions

“Internet of Things” is radically shaping our future and and will also change the face of safety, privacy and security. With rising complaints against cab services ranging from disrespectful behaviour to sexual assaults on female passengers, there is a responsibility that falls on organizations transport department and ride-hailing service providers to strengthen personal safety on the highest priority. And IoT solution can do just that.IoT-bases-Tracking-Solutions

Last year there was a debate around the government policy that required the BPO firms in Bengaluru to provide security to women staffers leaving office after 6:45 pm in the evening. Many organizations were agitated with such regulatory framework stating different reasons and requested a relaxation.  Later the government clarified the framework as “best practices” suggested for IT companies and 6:45 PM is not a mandatory clause. But after all this debate, what really happened. Everyone cannot wash their hands away from the responsibility of providing safety to women or even men too.

DreamOrbit is a Software Engineering Company and we understand that how as an IT organization – small, medium or large; it becomes difficult to deliver full-proof safety measures for women staffers. A security personnel accompanying a woman staffer is impractical to implement in a bigger picture. Also, crime of violent sexual assaults and rapes happen when women are taken to isolated places.  We have taken upon ourselves to deliver a solution that addresses the loopholes in the current security measures and takes proactive measures rather than reactive.

The Solution: Our innovation team has developed an IoT-based solution for strengthened mechanism of tracking women passenger and cab. This solution uses NFC and Bluetooth pairing between Cab and Commuters’ mobile phone.Once the trip starts, GPS for both commuter and cab will be enabled. This way the overlapping GPS signals will indicate the passenger in the cab.  On the backend cloud, the trip will be geo-fenced for the selected route. If the cab tries to change the route,  an alert is raised to the concerned parties and necessary actions can be taken thereafter. Moreover, these actions can be converted to system workflows and are triggered automatically by system

IoT is a reliable solution that removes human intervention and automate worst-case scenarios recovery workflows.we would be able to proactively safeguard women in grave situations. Moreover, once the cab drivers know that everything is automatically being tracked, it would act as a big deterrent.

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