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IoT can be the answer to improved client service in the ecommerce business

The eCommerce sector is currently crowded with e-Malls where one eCommerce store is catering to consumers for products in almost every category. These marketplaces are selling a toothpaste and an industrial Vacuum Cleaner on the same portal. Data collected on consumer-behavior infers that consumers are more likely to buy from eCommerce stores which are specialists in a category of products, and more so if they can provide personlized services and products. This gap is now being filled by niche retailers that specialize in just a few related product categories and are IoT-ecommerce-businessfocused on providing depth in their cataloge.

The concept: A marketplace fulfills only a few niche requirements of their target customer, asthebehavior of a consumer changes from product to product. Track consumer behaviour closely and get shopping insights that can be implemented for strengthening the supply chain network and last-mile deliveries efficiency. DreamOrbit is focused on building such exclusive eCommerce solutions for niche retailers.

One of the niche retailers that DreamOrbit has worked is into Outdoor Sports Gear that serves Professional Sportspersons and Adventurists. DreamOrbit has developed an end to end eCommerce Solution i.e setting up the Online Store where the sportspersons can purchase gear and a back-office software, that manages these orders. But this was not just any Order Fulfilment or Online Store solution that we are used to. This niche retailer and their customers have exclusive needs. Our analyst team had to re-think on shopping features and experience that only sportspersons would need and appreciate. The back-end functionality had to be developed to deliver this exclusive shopping experience.

We conceptualized both the business and consumer end for this particular client. We found out that there is a huge difference in how Sportspersons make a purchase and how for this retailer, the cost of returns and product dissatisfaction is enormously high.  Also, the consumer and the retailer are highly engaged with each other. The consumer prefers requesting modification in the existing product and also ordering custom-made gear.

Moreover, the community of Sportspersons and Adventurists is close knit and reviews drive sales. This marketplace is curated and only reputed sellers with high quality products are onboarded.

The most interesting feature of all is the integrated Business Analytics and Intelligence. Our Business Intelligence team has created a single view performance dashboard across all supply chain network, sales, marketing and customer service. On top of this, the historical data unraveled patterns of sales that when implemented to Inventory management helped our customer reduce cost incurred at stocking products. This is a SMART INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. Here is the list of decisions that our customers take to deliver products faster thereby reducing their operational cost

  • Product Inventory to source in which time of year
  • Predict demand by product and time of the year
  • Best Warehouse location to place the product depending on demand predictions

This approach has helped our customer streamline go-to features and launch faster than their competitors in online market. Our support team was continuously involved with the business team to support them through transition. Our user experience team developed UI Designs that are more suitable for sportspersons and continuously tested it for performance. Our Custom-Order feature on shopping portal ensures ordering of suitable product and Smart Inventory Management Solution optimizes their supply chain making the same business more profitable.




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