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‘Security Solution market is the future’

‘Security Solution market is the future’

‘Security Solution market is the future’

Aiming to become the leader in the security solution market in entire Gujarat, Manoj Patel, Founder and CEO, Amity Infosoft sees huge growth potential in the security solution market in the near future. In an exclusive chat with Bhawna Satsangi, he tells that with the increase in online transactions, the security solution market will grow day by day and will help in growing the business manifold.

What is the present focus of Amity Infosoft?

We are a leading solutions provider in Security solutions and IT infrastructure services and have our presence in South Gujarat, Kutch and Saurashtra from past 5 years now. We deal in anti-virus and the distributor of Quick Heal for last 10 years. Our goal is to provide end to end solution in security products to our valuable channel partners and customers with the latest technology and reliable service support and knowledge.

What are your offerings?

We try to understand the set up and requirement of customers to suggest appropriate product along with currently support with our highly dedicated team for individual products. We are providing antivirus security, gateway level security (UTM), mail management solution, data backup solution and IT infrastructure management (Hardware and Software) monitoring solutions through our channel partners.

How has anti-virus market evolved over last few years?

I have been active in the field from quite a long time now. Earlier there was less knowledge among the people about the security solutions but with the change in time the security solution market has grown over the years and today our customers know about the importance of using an anti-virus and off late started understanding other security solutions as well that a traditional anti- virus do not provide.

How is the market of your region?

The market is good and we have received 20% growth in the business. Last year our growth was 25% but this year it has come down to 20%. However, we are expecting next quarter to be positive in terms of sales.

From where is the growth likely to come?

The growth is coming from Home and SME segments as there is more demand of security products in these two emerging sectors.

What are the challenges that you face in the market?

There are mainly two challenges that we face. Online sales is the first challenge because today customers are keen to buy online as there they find competitive prices of the product which in turn reduces our sales. Secondly, the PC demand has been decreased over the period and it becomes difficult to find the new customer. ‘

How do you overcome these challenges?

To overcome the challenges we do rigorous follow up from our past customers. We give good services to them while improving our administrative services. We also give special services to our renewal clients by intimating them about the renewal of their product timely.

How important are channels for your business?

90% of our business comes from channel. They are an integral part of our business and are very important to us. We update them with technical training from time to time to get good returns. The market for channel is very good for our business to penetrate in tier 3&4.

What kind of training, incentives do you provide to your channel partner?

We provide all kind of sales and service support to our channel partners. We give them technical training regularly. We maintain the MOP so that channels get maximum profit while dealing in the product. To promote our channels we also transfer enquiry calls of the customers to the channel according to their expertise in particular region.

Besides we also offer quarterly schemes like gold coin, holiday package- domestic and international, goodies etc to boost the sales. The incentives are same for all the partners but there is slab maintained for different partners in different regions.

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