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Durga Computers organizes partner training for Enjay Tiguin & BLACKBOX Data Safe

Durga Computers organizes partner training for Enjay Tiguin & BLACKBOX Data Safe

Durga Computers organizes partner training for Enjay Tiguin & BLACKBOX Data Safe

Durga Computers, Tiguin master partner & BLACKBOX Data Safe Partner Development Centre for Mumbai recently organised partner training and familiarisation event that was attended by 50+ System Integrators and Tech Consultants.

Limesh Parekh, CEO & Managing Director of Enjay IT Ltd, makers of Enjay Tiguin Linux Operating System announced support of Tally 64-bit on Linux enhancing existing capabilities. Parekh explained 4 new features of Enjay Tiguin Linux:

  • Tally 64 bit version support
  • Tally Server 9 native support
  • Tally License server support and
  • Multiple versions of Tally on same server support making Tiguin absolute winner for Chartered Accountants.

Focused on building Linux specifically to suit Indian markets, Enjay Tiguin Linux has built a product that can run Tally, a feat many companies had attempted earlier and failed.

Parekh, a qualified Chartered Accountant not only spoke on product features but also guided partners on marketing, scenarios, sales process and competitive positioning on how to bid and clinch the deal.

Pravin Rege, CEO of Durga Computers announced partnership with BLACKBOX Data Safe, India’s only High Availability & Disaster Recovery continuous data protection system. “We bring SMB customers a choice and partners a platform to leverage power of alternative technologies that have been around for a while and proven their strength time and again.”

Kshitij M. Kotak, Chief Product Innovator at Grecells, makers of BLACKBOX Data Safe presented live demonstration of server failover. Kotak explained the application, technology, market size and discussed case studies with competitive analysis and how SME market awaits such a product.

Praveen Rege explained his vision with BLACKBOX Data Safe partnership, “Indian SME work under tremendous resource constraints walking thin rope for profitability. Losing one major customer can kill an SME, but with limited IT budgets and an even lower understanding of IT they often incur severe losses when their systems go down and they are unable to meet service commitments to their customers.”

Rege elaborated, “India as a country of entrepreneurs competing in global markets, is inadequately prepared when over 78% of Indian SME do not have any form of data protection at all. Most SMB are not even aware of the concept of high availability and professional backup systems are a mirage. With BLACKBOX, they now have an Indian alternative made by an Indian company at affordable Indian prices for Indian businesses”

“SME compromise their very existence by not provisioning for High Availability, Disaster Recovery and effective Data Backup”, Kotak explained. “Despite urgent and absolute necessity to do so” Until BLACKBOX, this segment could not afford high availability MNC products priced 10 times higher.

“Any Windows Server with databases like Oracle, SQL and applications such as SAP ERP, CRM and even legacy applications can be run on top of High Availability Virtualization Engine of BLACKBOX,

“With our partnership with Durga Computers, we aim to reach Small & Medium Enterprises with 20 to 250 computers bringing them unmatched reliability, speed and ease of conducting business.”

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