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Trend Micro forecasts 2014 security predictions

Trend Micro forecasts 2014 security predictions

Trend Micro forecasts 2014 security predictions

Trend Micro has through its partnership with Europol and the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance released 2020: The series in 2013 and now the company has forecasted some latest 2014 trends that will be seen in this year. 2013 played host to major mobile threats, a trend we’ll continue to see in 2014.

Mobile banking will suffer from more MitM attacks: As more people used mobile devices for both banking and authentication, two-step verification will become insufficient. Android™ will remain the most dominant OS in the market. But this dominance will continue to be exploited, as we predict the volume of malicious and high-risk Android apps to reach 3 million by the end of 2014.

Targeted attacks: Clickjacking and watering hole attacks: This year, Facebook fell prey to a watering hole attack; the culprit—an iPhone® developer site. This attack was notable due to its preciseness and the victim’s significance; the attackers infected a page they knew would attract their desired target. With the steady rise of consumerization in the workplace, mobile devices will increasingly become the attack vector of choice. Threat actors will target any device to get in to their target networks. This means that wearable devices like smart watches will also become new targets.

Internet of Everything (IoE) & Augmented Reality (AR) threats: We will see a lot of small technical innovations but no major breakthroughs in cybercrime. Cybercriminals will continue to wait for the “killer app,” that one technological breakthrough that will get mass appeal. While certain smart gadgets have already been made available to the public, none have captured the public’s attention in the same fashion as previous breakthroughs like the iPod®

Going Beyond 2014

 The “next big thing” that cybercriminals are waiting for could come from the world of augmented reality (AR). Virtual reality headsets will become a disruptive technology. Not only will they change the gaming space, they will also be used for other purposes like attending conference calls and posting on social networks.

These smart devices will become more desirable as the years progress. Expect isolated attacks to start in a couple of years. These AR headsets will become the new favored target to obtain personal information. Their built-in cameras will be used for privacy attacks, giving cybercriminals a bird’s eye view of users’ daily activities and a means to record details like bank PINs and other personal information.

Drones will be used for surveillance and farming. They will become common and standardized in the commercial space. Unfortunately, cybercriminals can and will exploit them as well.

Beyond 2014, radio-frequency-enabled technologies will become real attack targets. We could see an AIS transmitting station attack by 2020 that will have drastic consequences for the shipping industry.

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