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Ideas for future in CyberSecurity by young talents

Ideas for future in CyberSecurity by young talents

Ideas for future in CyberSecurity by young talents

The seventh edition of the annual Cyber Security for the next generation international student conference and the latest regional round saw brightest minds from Russia and CIS win their places in the 2014 global finals in Stockholm as well as cash prizes for further development of the project.

A jury of Kaspersky lab antivirus analysts, industry experts, scientists and professors rewarded the best students after their presentations on various aspects of protecting confidential data. Fifteen winners of local competitions in Russia, Armenia and Ukraine came to Moscow to present their research.

The projects put forward covered a wide range of topical issues in IT security. In particular, the young scientists suggested innovative solutions for protecting confidential data, preventing data leakage, cloud security and preventing DDoS attacks.

First place goes to Artem Shumilov from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia, for the presentation ‘Using 3D Animated Hand Gestures to Create a New Type of CAPTCHA’. Sevak Harutyunyan (co-authored by Artak Khemchyan) from the State Engineering University of Armenia, won second place for the presentation ‘Secret Sharing System Based on Error-Correcting Codes’. The third place was won by Sergey Shpak from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russia, for the presentation ‘Sharing Private Encrypted Information in Online Social Networks’.

The competitions, in which the budding scientists and researchers presented their ideas, are just one aspect of ‘CyberSecurity for the Next Generation’. The program also includes panel discussions, expert presentations and educational games for students. In particular, industry experts, scientists, professors and the young researchers talked at length about Edward Snowden’s revelations and their implications for privacy and confidentiality and discussed what tools could help provide appropriate protection levels for Internet users.

‘CyberSecurity for the Next Generation’ is an annual international event financed and organized by Kaspersky Lab. This long-term project brings together students, young scientists and researchers, leading IT security experts and university professors from across the world in a collaborative environment to present and discuss topical cybersecurity issues.

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