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GFI targets SMBs for security solutions in India

GFI targets SMBs for security solutions in India

GFI targets SMBs for security solutions in India

GFI and Comguard Infosol recently signed an agreement to distribute GFI’s IT security solutions for small medium business (SMBs) across the region. In a tete-a-tete with Pavol Golha, Senior Manager, EMEA Sales at GFI, Bhawna Satsangi finds out their go to market strategy to penetrate in India.

Please throw light on your partnership with Comguard Infosol?

Comguard is the big player in the market and is a strong player in the segment. We are seeing to extent our visibility in the market with Comguard as it has the great potential and understand the Indian market very well. This is one of the reasons that we have partnered with Comguard.

Why did you choose Comguard to be your partner?

The main reason is our positive experience in the past working with Comguard. We have been dealing with Comguard from the years and have all the confidence and trust in them. This has empowered us to grow our strength in the India region with the help of Comguard. While collaborating with Comguard we have reviewed the current set up of comguard in India based on the positive database so we do feel confident about the company to start operations in India.

Are you also targeting enterprises in India?

We are already targeting some of the enterprises even when it is not our main domain. We have the product with we are approaching the enterprises. One of the particular examples is we have extended our cooperation with some government institutions is Europe and Middle East and Africa segment and we do believe we will be able to do so in India region. We are currently reviewing the enterprise segment in India and will be approaching them post 2014.

Will you be giving the same solutions to enterprise unlike SMB?

Yes, there are multiple solutions in our product portfolio that we do have. I can assure that Langard is one of the solutions which is very well accepted by enterprises in Europe and Africa so we do see a huge potential of this product to excel in India as well.

Which are the verticals you are eyeing in India?

We are under review as we are going for the detail analysis of the market. I believe within a quarter we will be able to see in which verticals there is more potential for our business.

What potential do you see in SMB segment in India?

SMB is the growing segment in India for business. We are not counting on number at present but we are hoping it to be a very efficient segment for us. We have deal with big business when it comes to SMB segment worldwide and we are going to continue to do so for India.

What is the present focus of GFI in India?

We see that post 2014 in IT security there are couple of challenges and threats that the companies need to face. Based on the experience with the other regions, the solutions that we are providing will help to face the threat and challenges. With our automated tools and applications they are able to cover and sought out all these threats very efficiently.

How do you look at the channel partners?

There are multiple types of partners in India. We see Comguard to expand the horizon through the channel partners to penetrate in India region.

Will you be targeting class Band C cities in India?

We are currently targeting the metro cities only and we will be able to share the details of small cities only after doing our survey.

What is your go to market strategy?

We are SMB driven organization and 80% of our end customers are SMB so this our main segment which we want to tap. We do have web hosting as well as solutions in our portfolio which we are able to share with our end customer again the main step will be first to build up our visibility in the market so we are able to cover all the needs and requirements from all SMBs.

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