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8KMiles unveils new product to simplify IAM

8KMiles, a leading global secure cloud solutions company powered by FuGen Solutions, has launched EzIAMTM, an innovative product to implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) in a less complex but the fastest way that will be beneficial to the small and medium businesses (SMBs).


EzIAMTM, combining the power of reliable user provisioning and user management solutions with the benefits of a hosted, cloud-based deployment model, is built on mature IAM technologies currently deployed by thousands of customers worldwide. It is aimed at SMBs and large enterprises that want a more flexible consumption model of SaaS (Software as a Service) via Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud or a secure virtual private cloud.

EzIAMTM customers can reap the benefits of a SaaS-based service with reduced CAPEX costs, IT overhead, and solution complexity while increasing business agility, scale and flexibility along with 8KMiles’ patented Federation Partner On-Boarding technology (MISPTM).

“SMBs have traditionally been disenfranchised with IAM due to the high costs, complexity, and operational demands,” says Lena Kannappan, COO of 8KMiles. “With the continued explosive growth of SaaS services and the changing landscape of the business ecosystem, SMBs need a managed service that can grow with them, take care of their needs and help them quickly and painlessly establish secure business partnerships.”

8K Miles is a US-based company promoted by Suresh Venkatachari and has operations in India and Canada.

Customers can pay-as-they-go with individual services, or subscribe to all EzIAMTM services, centrally managed through a single dashboard. Core capabilities of EzIAMTM include advanced authentication, federated SSO and Identity Management and Governance services.

Together, these three elements provide companies with low-friction, strong authentication and fraud detection, cross-domain SSO for optimum user convenience and productivity, and user lifecycle management with delegated administration and self-service access requests, password reset and profile management.

“IAM is hard, so we’re excited to help remove complexity and friction from traditional IAM by combining it with our patented technologies,” says Tony Goulding, VP Cloud Identity Solutions Presales at 8KMiles. “It’s a solid combination with real, unique value. As demands on IT grow, with little or no increase in budget, EzIAMTM gives IT professionals an opportunity to focus more resources on growth and innovation.”

“As cloud adoption increases exponentially every day, IAM is in greater demand,” says Anand Kumar, VP Sales at 8KMiles. “Customers are demanding more choices along with a simplified identity, access and governance experience. Older, non-flexible systems are no longer meeting the needs of today’s business. The 8KMiles solution is the ideal alternative for our customers to consume IAM their way.”

8KMiles has more than six years of experience in cloud solutions. 8KMiles’ team of cloud experts and enterprise-level cloud architecture is robust and tailored in its approach, helping companies power their cloud and go-to-market strategies, while achieving greater cloud computing savings and efficiencies.

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