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How Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis Can Protect from DDoS?

How Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis Can Protect from DDoS?

How Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis Can Protect from DDoS?

Expands industry-leading Peakflow solution from Arbor Networks by providing visibility and threat detection for HSPA/LTE networks.

A Denial of Service attack (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) aims at rendering a computer resource either unavailable or with sufficiently crippled user accessibility. There are different techniques and means to launch such attacks. Motives could also be very varied, as well as the targets. DDoS attacks usually represent the organized attempts to make a web site or service not function or cause sufficient downtime for a limited time or permanently.

Typical targets of DoS attacks include all kinds of (prominent or not so prominent) sites or services such as financial and banking institutions, online e-commerce establishments, news & media sites, online gaming communities, the public sector, and lately, even entire countries.

There is absolutely no way to fight DDoS Attacks without employing high-capacity, stable and secure internet channels, specialized software solutions and distributed hardware equipment. Thus, the problem of fighting DDoS attacks is usually not readily solvable for small and medium sized businesses.

From a financial point of view, it is much more viable to engage the services of companies, whose core competence is the development and provision of DDoS Protection. Arbor Networks a leading provider of DDoS and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, today unveiled Peakflow® Mobile Network Analysis. This new solution is designed for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) challenged with managing the steady rise in mobile data traffic and evolving threats. According to Heavy Reading’s 2013 Mobile Network Security Survey, 60 percent of mobile operators have experienced a network outage or service degradation lasting at least an hour due to malicious attacks. Until now, MNOs haven’t had the proper level of visibility into the traffic traversing their mobile packet core, making it nearly impossible to detect malicious or non-malicious traffic that threatens service availability and performance, ultimately leading to negative customer experiences and churn.

Arbor’s Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis collects telemetry directly from the packet core, providing a wide-angle view of signaling activity through a rich set of intuitive reporting tools. These reporting tools yield key operational and security insights, such as:

•           Detailed signaling flow behavior between SGSN/SGW/MME and GGSN/PGW nodes – for real-time and retrospective analytics purposes.

•           Detection and alerting of abnormal signaling message volumes, response times and information element codes – so security and operations teams can quickly identify potential causes.

“Given the high speeds offered by HSPA+ and LTE and the vulnerabilities inherent to BYOD, attackers are undoubtedly attracted to mobile networks as a fast, convenient and readily exploitable platform for conducting malicious attacks,” said Matthew Moynahan, Arbor Networks President. “By building on our existing best-in-class Peakflow solution,

we’re putting the same proven network visibility and security technology into the hands of mobile network operators (many of whom are our existing customers) with Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis. Now MNOs can see, understand and help stop threats before they negatively impact their infrastructure and services.”

“In today’s environment, no one security approach is going to prevent all malicious traffic from reaching the mobile network. And nothing is going to stop the increasingly complex mix of protocols within the network from generating anomalous traffic behavior,” said Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading. “Mobile operators are increasingly looking for new ways to quickly visualize, identify and reduce security risks within the packet core.”

Today, a majority of the world’s network service providers use Arbor’s Peakflow platform for network visibility and advanced threat protection for their fixed networks. As the lines blur between fixed and mobile connectivity, Arbor’s Peakflow Mobile Network Analysis solution enables multi-service network operators to deploy a single solution, providing pervasive network visibility and advanced threat protection for their fixed, HSPA/LTE and Cloud infrastructures.


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