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NCS diversifies in power saving business with IPM+

NCS diversifies in power saving business with IPM+

NCS diversifies in power saving business with IPM+

Kolkata based NCS has joined hands with Vigyanlabs, an Indian based company for the product IPM+ (Intelligent Power Management) as their National Marketer. The profound showcase of the product was done in Nagpur exhibition recently, the company is participating in most of the exhibitions for its promotion and to set up stockists and dealers. The product IPM+ is a US patent product and was also selected for the Innovation 2013winner.

To expand its reach Pan India, NCS has started dealer appointments in eighty towns. Talking about the IPM+ Mahohar Malani Managing Director of NCS says, “It’s a very different product category which will create a buzz in the consumer and enterprise segment. If we look at the electronic consumer space laptop, android phone and tablets is the biggest market segment and this segment needs the battery backup. NCS is bringing up the solution for world’s largest qualified group of consumers.”

Diversifying its portfolio from security to power, NCS sees huge potential in consumer and enterprise market. Malani informs, “The consumer products can get 50% battery backup while it saves 40% electricity on computers, servers and datacenters. This has put up to a Rs. 5000crore opportunity. The target is on 70 million devices considering laptops, tabs and android phone where nothing substantial is happening. This itself is a 3000 crore market. If we are able to tap consumer and enterprise market in a planned manner we will have huge opportunity.”

Since the company has diversified its portfolio, NCS has stop deals with Quick Heal, the brand fostered by NCS for some difference of opinion. Malani conveyed, “Instead leaving together with the constant differences it is better to part ways. NCS is been known in the market for doing something which other don’t visualize and we do have always the first mover advantage and we do a lot of hard work and  promote the brands. We have work many years in security and retail security has now moved into trade and there is little contribution left from our side to do. We do have strong portfolio in security of SMB and Enterprise segment doing very well with UTM, Fortinet and also other solutions for enterprise. We have moved out from box reading security of retail. In consumer prospect we see power saving much bigger opportunity than security from retail consumer point of view.”

NCS’s parting ways from Quick Heal had created a buzz in the market but the company is now busy in promoting IPM+ and want to make its foothold strong across major states and cities by end of March. IPM+ is a finished product and a comprehensively developed product but keeps on growing and to bring in the confidence in the market and the distributor is NCS is giving the product with 30days money back guarantee to the consumer and 60 days money back guarantee for the enterprise.

Already top banks has been acquired by NCS. Aggressively marketing the product among the sectors, NCS is giving training to people, partners and putting up stockiest, retailers to promote the product. The company is expecting to open almost 2500 retail counters by March.  To streamline their business plan NCS has already put up their internal team and have set up the support centre and support line. Growth expectation of NCS with the product is Rs. 100 crores.

Besides selling IPM+, NCS is also bringing another product in the market. Targeting the educational sector with OS Easy for creating computer labs, NCS is moving in the right direction for growth. The product has been signed for Indian relationship and will be concentrated by NCS from April onwards. “The concept is accepted by people and they have loved the product. It is pretty sure that the product is going to work and the pricing is perfect,” feels Malani. The distributor feels that the security space is crowded and is downward, probably the whole parameter and challenges are getting redefined. So the diversification with this solution which has an untapped market is much bigger pace for the business.

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