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Dell solution boosts Bajaj Capital’s employee efficiency

Dell solution boosts Bajaj Capital’s employee efficiency

Dell solution boosts Bajaj Capital’s employee efficiency

Dell installs Dell Compellent Storage to improve employee efficiency four-fold while increasing the processing speed. Bajaj Capital after deploying the solution was able to close the accounting period on the exact date and has improved the efficiency of the organization through eliminating this delay.

Bajaj Capital

For almost 50 years, Bajaj Capital has provided financial services to individual and corporate investors in India. As one of India’s largest distributors of financial products, Bajaj Capital offers a wide range of investment products as well as investment banking services. Based in New Delhi and part of the Bajaj Capital Group, the company operates over 100 investment centers throughout the country.

Business Need

Due to rapid growth in the volume of financial data being generated, Bajaj Capital needed a storage solution that could scale effectively, improve processing performance and ensure regulatory compliance.  Automated tiered storage delivers regulatory compliance and cost efficiencies. To comply with regulations, Bajaj Capital needed to store company files, such as digitized copies of documents, voice logs of customer conversations, and image files, for extended periods of time. Because most of these files are not accessed for years, Bajaj Capital wanted a storage solution that could flexibly move data to less costly storage disks based on activity and demand. After careful consideration, the firm selected Dell to configure and deploy a Dell Compellent SC8000 Storage Center array.

The Solution

The firm partnered with Dell to install Dell Compellent storage for its financial services and applications, along with Dell Compellent Copilot Support. Operating in a high growth region, Bajaj Capital met the projected data growth target for its existing storage system in half the predicted time. As well as escalating performance issues, the cost of storage was skyrocketing due to the reliance on expensive disks for inactive and infrequently accessed data.

Puneet Kaur Kohli, Group Executive Vice President, IT & Operations, Bajaj Capital, says, “We needed a storage solution that would provide scalability over the long term. In our business, storage requirements can be unpredictable, and as a highly regulated industry we need to keep up with new guidelines and changes to the management and storage of data.”

The firm is using Dell Compellent Data Progression to move active data to Tier 1 storage, while automatically migrating less active data to more cost-effective lower level Tier 2 and Tier 3 storage.


Bottlenecks eliminated through scalable, high-performance platform

During month-end closing, Bajaj Capital faces a workload spike, which previously caused bottlenecks in application performance and delays in closing the monthly accounting period. The company has decreased the monthly accounting period time through having highly active data reside on solid-state drives (SSD), which delivers optimal performance to meet the company’s workload.

Employee efficiency improves through four-fold increase in processing speed

As the company continues to expand its portfolio of financial products, maintaining high levels of customer service has become easier through quick access to data. For example, employees can now generate an investment holding statement or portfolio for a customer in less than 15 seconds, compared to up to one minute in the previous system.

Storage management simplified through reduced complexity

Bajaj Capital has simplified the complexity of its data storage through Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager and has been able to reduce the hours spent on storage management and free the firm’s IT team to focus on continued improvements to the user experience.

Proactive support protects company assets

To provide sound investment services, access to information at the right time is critical. With financial data as one of the company’s most valuable assets, Bajaj Capital has the protection of Dell Compellent Copilot Support.


Technology at work


Dell Compellent Copilot Support

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Dell Compellent SC8000 Storage Center Controller

Dell Compellent SC200 expansion enclosures


Dell Compellent Data Progression

Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager

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