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JDA Software Launches PerformNOW! Services Suite

JDA Software Launches PerformNOW! Services Suite

JDA Software Launches PerformNOW! Services Suite

JDA Software Group, Inc., The Supply Chain Company, announced the availability of PerformNOW!, a new set of services offerings designed to dramatically speed the implementation of key JDA software applications. PerformNOW! services are currently available for JDA solutions that address allocation, assortment, inventory management, enterprise planning, sales and operations planning, demand and fulfillment. Additional offerings will be added to the PerformNOW! suite in 2014.

PerformNOW! is designed to help customers gain the most out of their solution investments by implementing fully working, highly effective software applications in the shortest time possible. Built by JDA Consulting Services using the in-depth knowledge gained from hundreds of implementations, this pre-packaged environment includes features such as pre-designed resource plans, design documents and specifications. PerformNOW! also leverages JDA Strategic Services’ change management and business process experience to help ensure that the application will integrate into a company’s overall goals and objectives, increasing the likelihood that it will be adopted and fully utilized by the end users. PerformNOW! services have been proven to deliver a significant savings in time and money over a typical implementation.

For retailers specifically, the PerformNOW! suite addresses a top concern: building a merchandise planning and execution system that is all-channel aware. To support this, all PerformNOW! services are designed to support solutions for multiple channels, addressing the planning, assorting, packing and distributing of products, to support the different ways that customers shop. Current PerformNOW! offerings include:

AllocateNOW! Includes all of the functionality in JDA® Allocation, with pre-configurations of the most common functions that support the managed growth and evolution of the allocation process. AllocateNOW! can be live in as little as three months.

AssortNOW! Incorporates JDA’s unique full lifecycle planning functionality, bringing structure and flexibility to apparel assortment planning. AssortNOW! fully supports segmentation and assorting by channel, as well as store and sub-channel clusterization and groupings. AssortNOW! also takes advantage of markdown planning and end-of-life functions within JDA’s assortment planning, and is designed to be implemented in 6-7 months.

InventoryNOW! – Enables a customer to not only implement the JDA® Inventory Management solution in a phased approach, but also achieve business value with each stage of the deployment. InventoryNOW! is designed to be implemented within 5-6 months.

 PlanNOW! – Includes all the features and functions needed for channel-specific, pre-season and in-season planning, including margin, Open-To-Buy tracking and plans. PlanNOW! offerings are designed for a baseline implementation in 6-7 months.

SupplyChainNOW! Designed to speed the through-put and delivery of basic merchandise to retailers, SupplyChainNOW! contains baseline configurations of JDA® Demand and JDA® Fulfillment. Using all the forecasting power of JDA® Demand, and the flexibility and options of JDA® Fulfillment, SupplyChainNOW! enables retailers to more quickly adopt many of the high-frequency replenishment strategies that are driving synchronized shopping today.

In addition to InventoryNOW! and SupplyChainNOW!, the PerformNOW! suite includes a third offering specifically for manufacturers:

S&OPNOW! – Addresses key business challenges such as supply-demand matching and critical raw material planning for a subset of the business in the initial wave of deployment. Subsequent waves can add additional workflows and features as well as bring other business lines into the process. S&OPNOW! is designed for a baseline implementation of 6-7 months.

“Using JDA’s significant implementation experience and knowledge of industry leading practices, we have created a quick-to-live set of templates and pre-defined file specifications.” says Imran Khan, senior Vice President, Consulting Services, JDA Software. “Our customers can use the offering as-is, as a fully-functional environment, and they can also add on many of the most commonly-requested extensions, based on their specific business processes.” 

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