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Seclore develops two tier model distribution relationships for channels

Seclore develops two tier model distribution relationships for channels

Seclore develops two tier model distribution relationships for channels

Offering security solutions to mid and large size companies, Seclore sees the potential of their business in the metro cities only. The company’s focus is on India, Europe and North America to expand its business. Vishal Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Seclore informs Bhawna Satsangi about the company’s market strategy which is driven by partners.

What is the present focus of Seclore?

Seclore is a company promoted by IIT Bombay alumina and has four years of existence in business. We are an information security software company with solutions in area of enterprise information rights management. The technology protects unstructured information by defining usage rights i.e. who can access information, for what purpose, when and where. The protection stays even after the information has moved out of the enterprise perimeter.

The focus of the company is on technology and the product that we deals in. We are focusing on India, South and North America market for business. We have software products for global enterprise and consistently growing within the region in India and Asia. We are also expanding our horizon to America, Europe and Australia respectively.

What is your go to market strategy?

Our go to market strategy is driven by two kinds of partners one is the channel partner and the other is the partner. We are partnered with companies like Wipro, IBM etc. and send our product directly to them and the other is through our channel partners. We have developed different strategy for each of the countries that we are penetrating in.

What is your channel strategy?

Being a channel driven company we have develop two tier model distribution relationship and they have a set up channel network. They educate the partners about the products and support them. We support our channel partners while organising programs and training sessions and help them at every step while dealing with the products.

How do you look at your channel partners?

Channel partners are more like referral partners whose primary business may not be about technology but refer to us customers in secure way. Depending on the capabilities, the partners help us reach our target. We have got training of multiple kinds in sales, support and sustenance. We have also got certification programs for the partners.

What are the programs you have for your partners?

We have got fairly comprehensive program for our channel partners. The three tier program has three stages premier, advantage partner for multiple level and resellers. We have some companies as partners which are purely reseller of software products and are not interested in channel partner delivering and sustain policies.

For strengthening the channel partners we organize training programs, certification program. Within the channel we have different level of partnership, the premier-highest level of partnership, Advantage partners- they only resell the technology products but for service they rely on other partners.

Does a channel partner add value to the success of Seclore?

Definitely. We are a channel driven company and promote our partners to great extent. We are doing business in India with partners so they are adding value to the company.

On what criteria do you select your partner?

We look for two things in the partner. Firstly the partner’s business is into security focus and secondly he should have service delivery capabilities.

How do you fix the target for channel partners from different region?

While fixing the target for the partners we look at the size of the partner, how much investment we are making in the partner and to what extent is his reach in the region and accordingly we fix targets for them. Once the target is achieved within a time frame, we also give incentives to the partners to boost the sales and their hard work.

Where is the growth likely to come from for Seclore?

Growth is coming from public sector units. We are eyeing engineering companies, banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, defense and investigative agencies. Other than that we are also trying to focus on telecom.

Are you focusing on tier 2 and tier 3 cities for the business?

No, we are not focusing much on the tier 2 and tier 3 cities for business but our reach in metro cities is tremendous. Most of our business tends to be for mid to large size business so right now our focus is only on the metro cities.

What are the strategies you have developed for SMBs?

We have cloud solution for SMB. We provide cloud based service which is used by SMBs. We have done projects with fair number of public sector units.

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