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Facebook application to save users from fake profiles

Facebook application to save users from fake profiles

Facebook application to save users from fake profiles

Social networking has become an integral part for anyone. Whether we are on the move or sitting at office, our smartphone devices, laptops, tabs etc have made it so easy for us to hook onto social networking sites and follow our friends with updates. However, the increasing fad among the tech savvy generation sometime leads them to untoward happenings like theft, forged identity and so on.

Facebook is one such site where we hook onto most of the time and indulge our personal life on net. This leads to traps sometime with fake profiles being made on the facebook which puts them on risk. However, to combat the problem of fake profiles and save people from network scams, Eliran Shachar, an Israeli Entrepreneur has launched an application for facebook Fake off-Be safe that protects its users from scams devised by fake facebook users who are mistaken for genuine new friends.

The recent statistics shows that at least 10% of approximate 1.35 billion Facebook users are not authentic. In addition there are millions of users who take fake identities and appear as regular users. Fake profiles are divided into several main groups criminals, commercial, psychological etc, that can risk our reputation, our children, our property and our personal safety.

The application is a free Facebook app with some premium features. The FakeOFF application is using sophisticated algorithm to investigate the behavior of suspect “friends” and rank them according to a 1-10 credibility score. The application scans up to 365 days of timeline activity for every suspect Facebook friend and checks for abnormal activity.

As fake profiles on Facebook usually can’t use authentic images on their timeline, FakeOFF also runs an image scan that searches the web for the source of the suspect image. Using the image integrity test and the timeline deep scan, the user gets a definitive and very accurate result.

We like to think of FakeOFF as a social ‘human antivirus’ application that can offer users real-time protection through background profile investigations and safeguard our children from harm. The FakeOFF application is ideal for single people who are looking for new relationships on Facebook, parents who want to keep their children safe online and “heavy” Facebook users who meet new people.

User can easily get the result of any of his friends in less than a minute:

Select one or more of your suspected friend to run investigation on

Get the basic result of the investigation

If user wants to be sure of a specific user he can use the premium services and check more deeply the suspect timeline and images (Users can try the full premium services for 7 days with no charges, fees or obligation and cancel anytime they want)

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