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Steria India Eyes on Government projects

Steria India Eyes on Government projects

Steria India Eyes on Government projects

Steria, a leading provider of IT-enabled business services, and APD Communications Ltd, a global leader in control room, mobile information, resource location and tracking solutions, considering a big potential in India is focusing on Government, home and security, healthcare and smart transportation for their growth. The company has brought out of the box solutions for India which has helped UP Police to answer distress call in a second and reach the crime spot. Sachdev Ramakrishna, Director, Marketing, Steria tells Bhawna Satsangi about the company’s plans to reach the Indian market with innovative technologies.

How is Steria positioning itself in the Indian market?

In India we largely support our European based customers with application management, infrastructure support. We do business process outsourcing but we do only high end BPO, we don’t cater to call center. For e.g. we do financial accounting for large global media client based out of Chennai. In 2010-11 we started to locate India as a market for Europe and clearly that comes from mature spending. The fact is that Steria earns 40% of its global revenue survey from governments of the world and stands in very good state because government of India is spending humongous on IT and I think as you see the kind of IT that government is putting in is phenomenal in the way they are trying to get closer to the citizens, program transparency, trade access, including the UID project. So we are quite encouraged by that.

For India we are now focusing on Home Land Security as we have the underline software and we have deployed in Europe to protect the European border. We are very strong in that and we are trying to bring that solution to India.

We also cater to a solution called storm to manage the police which has been deployed in UP Police Control Room. We have deployed modern technologies that have set new standards in Policing. There is an Advanced Call Centre that can identify the caller, locate the caller location and capture the incident in real time.  People do not have to wait, as 30 Digital Lines are open 24 hours a day.

A citizen’s distress call is made and is received at the centre. Within seconds a PCR van moves.  If the citizen calls the Dial 100 number again, the person is informed about the location of the vehicle.  Once the call is actioned, an Action Taken Report is immediately available.  Call data is available for a year on the system, and for 2 years in the archives.

In India we see us as a special team provider as we only want to put intellectual software in India that will really make a difference. We think that a great difference between what Steria is good at in Europe and what India needs today.

How did it streamline the working of the UP Police force?

We didn’t change any process on the ground and have just put a piece of technology that allows things to be done technologically. The police can record any call and it will last for two years which physically is not possible. Technology allows you to bring back the calls of last 30 days and map it onto the map of Kanpur and can see where the spots are and download the time and day of the crime happened.

The modern Kanpur Control room has features such as a Computer Aided Dispatch. Advanced CAD technologies are used for dispatch decision support and provide real time interface with responding units. A Map based Navigation and Location Service has also been provided with high resolution maps procured from ISRO directly for accuracy and mapping of over 10000 points of interests in 55 layers –

The Control room has been equipped with integrated CCTV spanning across the city. The City has currently 400 CCTV cameras at important interactions and sensitive locations. These are increasing every month. In an emergency, effective monitoring is carried out and appropriate help dispatched more effectively.

What are your plans to expand your reach in India?

We are looking at Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Orissa, and Karnataka to expand our reach. I think there is huge demand from the bigger metro cities but problem is that some projects are currently underway which are massive in nature and in some ways they need local reach. So we want to expand to a capacity that we can best deliver on, gain credibility, confidence.  We are trying to create India as a hub for Steria global software R&D. we want to be a solution expertise from India to India. To maintain software cost efficiently.

Which are the verticals that the company is looking in India?

In India we are looking at Homeland security, transportation, we believe that we can make a difference in highway traffic management system. The highways must have strict transport solutions. We built modern control room that monitors traffic on expressway. Big video wall where you can see traffic is congesting, make announcements about the traffic, etc. We have deployed this solution in Singapore. We are talking to Transport department for the solution. Besides we are targeting Government agencies.

What type of customers are you looking at in India? 

The customers for homeland security, police, and we would like to serve national crime record bureaus, other homeland security agencies. We are also looking for providing UDI solutions as an authorized service agency. We want to enable smart transportation in technology and of course in the private sector we are focusing on the CIOs of the bank. But the focus still is predominantly government.

What are your plans to expand your reach towards enterprise?

We do connect with the enterprise but we believe that there is huge opportunity in the government sector currently. We are targeting the older manufacturing companies to install ERP solutions.

What kind of vendor partnerships do you have globally as well as in India?

We have partners like oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Cisco but we are deeply aligned with them for Europe. In India also we are trying to align with them.


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