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HP announces converged storage innovations

HP today announced Converged Storage innovations that restore business productivity at record speed, reduce All Flash Array costs significantly while increasing performance and Quality-of-Service (QoS) capabilities, and expand agility by enabling cloud storage application mobility.


Organizations jeopardize revenue and IT initiatives by protecting data with outdated backup systems that lack high availability and provide limited recovery time objectives (RTO). In addition, these organizations are unable to accelerate application performance to the degree necessary due to the high cost of flash. They have also stalled on their virtualization journey because unpredictable performance and the I/O Blender effect have them unwilling to virtualize their more critical applications. Further, their efforts to cost-effectively develop in the cloud and deploy locally requires application changes impacting time to market.


Additions to the HP Converged Storage portfolio introduced today include the next generation of HP StoreOnce Backup and HP StoreAll Archive systems with industry-leading performance to reduce risk as well as enhancements to HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage with cost-reduced flash technology, performance improvements and software QoS enhancements to meet the needs of IT as a Service environments.


Industry-leading backup and recovery performance at greater scale

With downtime costing organizations thousands of dollars per hour in lost revenue, it is imperative that data is protected and able to be recovered quickly. The latest generation of HP StoreOnce Backup systems enables customers to more efficiently manage growth by protecting more data in less time. Customer benefits include:

  • Reduced business risk and workflow disruption with a completely refreshed HP StoreOnce backup portfolio, which on the high end at 1.7 petabytes delivers more than four times the backup performance and 10 times faster recovery speed than its closest competitor.(1)
  • Enhanced security via StoreOnce Security Pack, which enables customers to encrypt individual applications on all StoreOnce Backup systems, restore encrypted data and assure secure deletion of information.
  • Application-managed backup with HP StoreOnce Catalyst support for Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) as well as Bridgehead Software.
  • Minimized risk when switching from a competing system to HP StoreOnce Backup through the HP StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee Program, assuring customers a 95-percent reduction in stored backup capacity consumption.(2)


Changing the economics and service level capability of flash storage

Outdated storage architectures are unable to maximize flash storage performance and efficiency while immature first-generation flash appliances lack robust tier-1 data service required for enterprise datacenters.


New HP 3PAR StoreServ enhancements provide the following customer benefits:

  • Up to 50 percent lower cost(3) and reduced data center footprint with new 480GB and higher-capacity 920GB solid state disks (SSDs). These drives deliver more capacity at enterprise endurance levels leveraging 3PAR Adaptive Sparing—an HP 3PAR flash innovation that provides the ability to optimize flash overprovisioning by reducing capacity needed for meeting enterprise endurance levels.
  • Improved transaction performance at more than 900,000 IOPS at less than 700 microseconds latency.(4) Average 25 percent reduction in overall latency and 230 percent increase in maximum capacity for the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All Flash Array, growing maximum capacity from 96 TB to 220 TB.(5)
  • Assurance of predictable and consistent service levels by providing storage controls that allow applications to get the right level of performance utilizing new capabilities with HP 3PAR Priority Optimization. Customers can now set minimum and maximum thresholds with IOPS, bandwidth and latency controls by application or tenant.


Cloud storage application portability, search enhancements for big data archives

With the volume of managed data set to increase by 50 times this decade,(6) organizations are struggling to efficiently retain and manage information long-term much less move to new object storage paradigms. To help simplify management of big data archives and enable next generation cloud storage applications, HP StoreAll Archive systems now:

  • Increase business agility with native OpenStack Object Storage and Identity Service integration to enable cloud storage applications to be developed in the public cloud then moved in-house to enhance security and control.
  • Accelerate and simplify business insight with HP Express Query enhancements that extend near-instant search across billions of files with reporting tools and support for multi-attribute queries.
  • Minimize storage costs with the new HP StoreAll Storage systems, with extremely high density at 1.5 PB per rack and a total of 16 PB to support massive scale while reducing datacenter footprint.
  • Provide investment protection with the ability to expand existing clusters with next-generation HP StoreAll systems for customers that are storing petabytes of data for long-term access.


Maximizing information value and reducing risk requires a New Style of IT that also reduces bottom-line costs. HP Converged Storage eliminates complexity of disparate point solutions with a single architecture that spans backup and archive, as well as a single primary storage design for midrange, enterprise, and all-flash arrays. It’s the simplest and fastest way to modernize storage infrastructure, removing cost barriers to replacing complex, diverged legacy systems.


Pricing and availability(7)

  • HP StoreOnce 6500 Storage systems are expected to be available in January at $375,000.
  • HP StoreOnce Security Pack is available now.
  • HP 3PAR Operating System 3.1.3 is expected to be available in January.
  • HP Priority Optimization software is expected to be available in January as a standalone software license or as part of the Advanced Data Optimization Suite.
  • The new 480GB and 920-GB SSDs will be available for purchase this month.
  • HP StoreAll 8800 Storage will be available in February for a starting price of 97 cents per GB of capacity with three years of 9 to 5 support and all-inclusive software features.
  • HP StoreAll 8200 Gateway Storage will be available in February for $34,650 with three years of 9 to 5 support and all-inclusive software features.
  • HP StoreAll OS v6.5 will be available in January.


All offerings are available worldwide from HP and authorized channel partners.


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