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Oberoi Grand Hotel focuses on Centralization

Arindam Banerjee, IT Manager, Oberoi GrandArindam Banerjee, IT Manager, Oberoi Grand tells Sudeshna Banerjee about their focused approach in technology and implementation. The hotel is completely IT Driven and is garnering accolades for their new approach and initiative in IT sector.

The mantra of the 24x7x365 industry is to be honest, be reliable, be humble aim for the goal and success will follow and have the right attitude.

How important is technology and its implementation for you as an IT leader?

I am associated with hospitality industry from past 15 years and have observed change and revolution in terms of IT is concern. Our hotel is driven by IT starting from check in of guest to their check out. Our hotel is covered by wireless wired. We run 24×7 industry and for which we have kept an IT person to streamline hotel’s work. From last 15 years we are expending in IT sector and have some in-house development. We use Opera for our R&D services.

What type of technology are you working at present to bring it in action in near future?

Currently we are looking into the centralization of our key products, right now we have centralized few of our key applications like my entire domain, e-mail is centralized. We are also working on the installation of ERP solutions and looking at the centralization of the key products or key software to have more reliability and sustainability.

How do you decide on the technology buying when it comes to implement IT Solution and procuring products for the organization?

We define our procurements into two categories one is CapEx and another is OpEx. We decide what will be our procurement on Capital Expenditure for the next financial year, we do a budget as per the requirement of any new technologies that need to be introduced, definitely the operation team is consulted and their opinion is important before taking any decision. We do not compromise on quality; this is one of our key factors.

How can IT lead the change in the organization today?

6 or 7 years back IT was just a support wing, in our industry it no longer a support wing. Our job is very crucial to guide management in data analysis, data management and to take the necessary steps in different areas. I try to provide the accurate MIS to the management to take correct decisions. Being a service driven industry, IT is being highly used. We have implemented a passport scanner where the passport gets scanned and from the bar code the data of the visitor gets extracted and feed in the system. This way we add on new technologies.

According to you which is the most happening technology today?

Cloud technology has been a huge success and partially we are also using cloud. We are looking cloud technology for centralization. Once we finish with centralization then we will think of cloud, we are going step by step.

One of the core responsibilities of an IT manager is also to ensure that technology leads towards change and that change is managed well. How do you manage that?

One is when you make a change the major problem is the adaptability, I can take a decision on IT but to drive IT, I need the total forum to accept it. It is definitely headed by the General Manager of our hotel and the Vice President of IT and the core users who will be using the thing are the key decision makers. The first task is to understand user’s requirement and then we procure the same as it is the 24x7x365 industry.

What is your mantra to move up the value chain in your career of IT implementation and creating the value of the organization?

Mantra should be honest, be reliable, be humble aim for the goal and success will follow and have the right attitude.

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