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Wedding Planners hook on to Cloud Telephony

Wedding Planners hook on to Cloud Telephony

Wedding Planners hook on to Cloud Telephony

With the tech savvy people running their businesses in a totally technology oriented environment, wedding sector is one such area where the technology has made its footprint. The modern wedding planner has become tech savvy today and is ready to experiment in his business with new technologies. Planning a wedding is a 24X7 job. In this line of work, you have to be on top of your game 24X7. You have to be cued into what is happening around you.

November to February are the busy months for a wedding planner and running a wedding planning outfit is hard work. A small mistake can ruin everything. No wonder successful professionals are able to command hefty fees during the peak wedding season. That is why wedding planners are increasingly taking to technology now days. Cloud telephony is one such technology which is made- for- order for a dynamic working environment.

Cloud telephony is a virtualization of the harder physical components of a telephony system into softer software based interface that is easier to use. Basically cloud telephony provides virtual business class telephony system for handling high volume calls. But unlike business class telephony systems, cloud telephony is affordable and largely maintenance free.

A wedding planner can now get business class telephony system by paying a monthly subscription. Some cloud telephony companies provide a complete suite of communication services designed for the needs of a wedding planning service providers. For example, Knowlarity Communications, a leading cloud telephony company in India, provides telephony, IVR, fax and conferencing services on a single cloud based platform delivering a mobile communication platform as the countdown to the big day begins.

It is the wedding planner’s job to make sure that communication channels to invitees to the wedding remain open 24X7. It is impossible to do so with conventional technology.

Landlines and mobile phones can handle only a limited number of incoming calls. Coordinating multiple numbers is not easy either. With the Super Receptionist the Wedding planner is able to funnel all incoming calls through a single number diverging them to multiple contacts at the backend. The contacts are rotated in a dynamic environment. If contact A is not available, call lands on contact B’s mobile and so on. This means that each and every call is answered.

With Knowlarity’s fax service known as SuperFax wedding planners are saved with the trouble of maintaining paperwork. Documents are sent and received via email attachments which can be downloaded anywhere. Since the documents are recorded in a cloud environment there is no need to carry documents everywhere you go. Documents can be downloaded, signed and faxed for completing contractual obligations and then downloaded anywhere for referencing purposes.

With Knowlarity’s call conferencing capability – SuperConference – it is possible for a wedding planner to schedule an impromptu virtual meeting without needing to be physically present everywhere. This feature is very useful as the D-Day gets nearer and there is a need for coordinating the efforts of various vendors so that there are no last minute hiccups.

Credit: Ambrish Gupta, CEO and founder, Knowlarity Communication

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