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Third cities like Udaipur are emerging IT Parks

Manish Godha, CEO, Advaiya

Manish Godha, CEO, Advaiya

Having based in a small town Udaipur, Advaiya, a consumer oriented company working with 50+ valued customers like Microsoft, Google, VMware, Citrix, AT&T has developed a niche place in the IT industry and that too in a short span of time. In an exclusive chat with Manish Godha, CEO, Advaiya, Bhawna Satsangi finds out the focus of the company and how it has created value for itself as well as its customers through an innovative approach.

How did you come together to form this company in Udaipur?

The Information technology industry in India has gained a brand identity as a knowledge economy in the IT World. The industry has contributed a lot to social transformation in the country and has enabled the country to play a strong role in the global IT value chain. After the success of IT industry in metro cities and tier two cities, there’s now a relatively unknown, but rapidly emerging, link in this value chain: India’s “third cities.”

Advaiya is a home grown company established in Udaipur. It has some unique characteristics– to name some – its intellectual climate, nice people, general enthusiasm for technology and knowledge, and overall a great quality of life.

There’s some innovative and unique technological development being done in Udaipur. It has an IT community which provides not just IT enabled services, but innovative products and high value consulting to users and corporations all over the world.

“Udaipur,” said one, “is a city few think about regarding technology, but it’s one in which we take tech very seriously.” The city, even though it’s thought of in India as a technology backwater, is in actuality very progressive and dynamic. Soon, cities such as Udaipur will be a heaven for IT professionals, developers and the entire technology community.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of being based in a small location like Udaipur? How did it help on the big focus?

Many of India’s third cities have had the advantage of legacy of education, entrepreneurship and industry. These are channeling grounds for incredible energy, inspiration and innovation as they apply to IT. The stories of progress emanating from these cities are noteworthy. This underscores the notion that innovation comes from all quarters, and reaffirms the importance and cohesion of the worldwide IT fraternity.

Cities similar to Udaipur are an example of the so-called third city which are emerging “IT Parks”, having the IT potential with a group of successful businesspeople. The traditional industries in these cities, like engineering, mining, and transportation, were all hiring IT professionals to streamline operations and create value, transparency, and operational efficiency.

The power of digital communication and digital delivery has created a world that’s more accessible to all, regardless of where they live and work. It’s a world in which two IT professionals, who live in circumstances defined by difference, can share the common threads of professional opportunities and stresses and who can work problems out together as they play their roles in the worldwide IT value chain.

Companies, like ours, in a small city in India can empower, energize and animate IT and IT professionals in Seattle, Silicon Valley, New York, London and Berlin. That’s a bold testament to the power of the value chain that thousands of people have built as they create companies—and opportunities—on a worldwide basis.

The innovation and energy of India’s third cities is something that all IT professionals should experience. These cities exemplify the importance of the trinity of themes that define IT professionals everywhere: innovation, excellence, and the desire to empower businesses to create new products and services.

What is the present focus of the company and what kind of customers do you have at present?

Our current focus is to help large, niche players and startups extensively with IT strategy, technology development, and IT sales and marketing related assignments. We are currently working with 50+ valued customers that include Microsoft, Google, VMware, Citrix, AT&T etc.

How do you reach out to your target customers?

We believe in building a trusted relationship with our customers and this has helped us to get recommended by a lot of our existing customers and partners. We focus on catering to the unique context and needs of different segments and roles – from startups to large enterprises, ISVs, CMOs, CIOs, etc. We do audience-based targeting because technology is a complex thing and same technology can solve different purposes for different customers. Therefore, it is imperative to communicate to the customers’ unique benefits and value that a particular technology can reap for a business or its users and customers, because that is dependent on the users’ unique contexts.


How do you reach out to your target customers

This becomes all-the-more important in context of Indian customers and alike, as NASSCOM recently concluded, “Indian buyers are a value-buyer, more so than the average western buyer. So if you cannot explain our solutions’ benefit to the buyer from his business perspective, in his language, we won’t have a sale.”

What is your go to market strategy in India and globally?

Our approach has largely been organic, driven by the reputation and relationships that we grew over the years of work that have been found valuable by our clients. Our relentless pursuit of value for our clients and their customers, has earned us references and connections which has been the backbone of our go-to-market. Now as we are confident of the engine that we have put in place for value and scale, we are venturing to grow into newer markets and customers. Our strategy is to leverage the partnership relations with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, IdeaScale, etc., to gain mindshare and lead with innovative-purposeful offerings, then eventually build long term value based relationships.


What kind of products and solutions are you bringing for your end customers?

We provide our customers with access to leading-edge and innovative technologies, and state-of-the-art capabilities to help them enable the solutions to meet their unique contexts and needs. We are partners with large IT companies including Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, as well as with innovative start-ups including IdeaScale, ADTELLIGNCE, Madai, and DataSift.

Our customers directly get benefitted from our partnerships with these leading technology innovators, as we help them to identify best fit solutions/technology for their current and long-term needs. We not only help customers choose the best fit solution/technology, but also help them implement and integrate these technologies to enable and empower bigger solutions faster using our organized pool of capabilities, and skills along with partner’s expertise. In addition, we go step ahead and provide our customers with a deeper level of support, assistance and guidance by connecting them to both – Our team of consultants/architects/developers, as well as, Partner’s product engineering teams.

How will these solutions aid the end customers?

We are purpose-led, believe in solutions-oriented approach instead of product led approach – which is a myopic approach, for products, are mere solution enablers. We focus on fulfilling technology and marketing purposes of our customers thus helping them to achieve long-term success and value realization through technology and marketing enablement, trusted strategic advisory, and innovation powered by technology.

We bring to the table products (through partnerships), services, and events that can be combined in various unique ways to meet customer needs in a vast array of areas of business and technology including –

  • Business purposes: Marketing effectiveness, Consumer Experiences, Technology-led innovation, and Technology value realization/productivity
  • Technology: Project and Portfolio Management, Cloud, Mobility, Innovation and Ideation Management, eCommerce, Big data and Analytics, Digital Marketing, etc


How many people do you have in India and globally?

Advaiya has around 80 professionals worldwide.


How many people do you have in India and globally


Collectively we bring together a unique blend of skills, and are charged-up and channelized to work in an engine-ized manner towards the purposes of our customers. In these terms, we are a set of professionals that are Purpose led, Enabled, Empowered, and Managed.

Collectively we bring together a unique blend of skills


Our core capabilities include –‘Business Consulting and Marketing’, ‘Technology Architecture, Development and Implementation’, and ‘Creative, Copy, and Design’.

What are your investments plans for India and abroad?

Advaiya’s goal is to become universally respected and admired as a highly trusted and capable company with rich intellectual assets. Towards this goal, our plans include:

  • Expand customer base in India, Middle East, Europe, Eastern US
  • Grow and deepen the partnerships for scale and broadening the offerings to varied companies. Growth by provision of technology and marketing services to innovative startups all around the world
  • Continual investment in key areas—People, Intellectual property, Partnerships, Brand, Customer portfolio and Process maturity.


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