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Ground Zero summit highlights new threat trends in cyber security domain

Ground Zero Summit 2013

Ground Zero Summit 2013

Focusing on the providing solutions to challenges and the new trends in the information security systems, the Ground Zero Summit 2013, has aimed towards generating information security awareness and at the same time combat sophisticated threats that the country is facing in cyber security domain, “The information security consortium”- an independent apex body and an outcome of an alliance between industry and Government of India.

Highlighting the cyber readiness challenges Shantanu Ghosh, VP and MD – India Product Operations, Symantec Corporation informs, “Today security has become very important for all of us. The bad people are so advanced today that they can steal your data or can look into your personal life through your devices even if they are not in use. The trend has been increasing rapidly over the period of time. Baby monitor is one of device which can be hacked easily to look into the room and listen to the voices. The recent attacks that have been identified are more targeted in nature. The craft attacks are very specific to individual, government and that’s the trend which has been following by them. The SMB segment has also increased at a rapid rate. The increase in attack this year has been 300 percent as their security posture is worth than the larger companies and it is easier to break the locks. Because of the global supply the small companies are selling into the bigger companies and their IT systems are talking to each other so if small companies are hacked through this way larger companies can be hacked easily.”

Taking the holistic view of the information security landscape in Asia, the conference will address various issues related to it. It also focuses on the Information Security challenges emerging on the horizon and looks at finding ways in which enterprises, service providers and government can overcome challenges. The vision of the Summit is to guide the development of next generation cyber security policies and technology, to bring about changes in the current process, involve all affected industries and form the largest PPP in this domain.

The different security conferences in the country have joined hands to create a massive platform for cyber security research, technology showcase and policy creation and amendments. Asia’s largest Information Security gathering for industry experts converging private and government players, the conference bring across issues in information/cyber security space.

Some of the key focus points that were discussed at the conference were:

  • Cyber readiness challenges
  • Cloud Security: Enabling continuous, scalable security for today’s hyper connected world
  • Exploring accuracy and correctness of modern network defence products
  • Towards a next generation secure Internet
  • Evolution of network security around Software Defined Networking (SDN) – The intelligent network
  • Internet – Transforming terrorism
  • Surveillance, privacy and cyber espionage, in the aftermath of PRISM

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