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Re-Feel focuses on Channel for Growth

Re-Feel focuses on Channel for Growth

Re-Feel focuses on Channel for Growth

Re-feel a Kolkata based cartridges company, aims to give quality product at par with OEMs without compromising on the quality. The Co-founder and Director of Re-feel Rajesh Agarwal conversing with ITPV informed that the company’s presence in Indian market is through franchise route and the company is banking heavily on channel business to drive better growth in the India market

Q – As Re-feel is into cartridge refilling, how is the market demand? How much you have established yourself in India? Any plan to tap the International market?

Cartridges are consumable i.e. they get depleted and are needed again and again, so there has been growth in the industry in past and also the same is forecasted over years to come. At Re-feel we aim to give quality products at par with OEM without compromising on quality. Our Price Quality proposition has helped us to retain number one slot in printer cartridge and laptop service aftermarket domain.

Q – What is your focus of operations in India and how are you going to target the Indian market?

We are having over 200 stores across India spread over 90 cities for our both brands Re-feel and Clublaptop, as always our focus for growth is through franchise network. We have also evolved ourself in channel business with our range of laptop products and accessories. We now look forward to strengthen our channel business by appointing distributors and dealers and also by keep adding new product line.

Q – As your Head Quarter is in Kolkata, how is the eastern market supporting your business?

East India has always been birth place for our ideas and also the trial turf. Eastern India also has been the significant contributors to our revenue. We also started our channel business from Eastern India and the products have been well accepted. We have also started channel operation in Delhi and Mumbai.

Q – Where is the growth likely to come from? What is your expected growth in this Financial year?

In terms of business we eye over 100% growth in our laptop division – Clublaptop. The growth will majorly be driven by channel business. In our Franchise business we look to grow over 35% Y-o-Y.

Q – What kind of challenges are you likely to face from India with the upcoming technologies?

Both our business lines are dynamic and needs constant update in terms of technology and knowhow. We as a company have a dedicated R&D department which looks forward to future and get us ready to face the challenges as probable opportunity. In terms of technological challenges we see that integration of smartphone, tablet and desktop systems will play a key role with the huge requirements for getting the solutions for all three under one umbrella.

Q – What is your distribution mantra?

Make money, while letting the customer save money. This is a very simple policy that governs our company.

Q – How do you plan to encourage the channel community in terms of selling your product range in India?

We see a dearth of quality aftermarket products in the market, either the market is controlled by OEMs or is flooded with low quality products. This allows us to pitch in as a perfect company before channel community. With users becoming more demanding and informed even channel community is looking towards products and solutions that keep their customers happy and make them their long term asset.

Definitely need to mention that Channel players are left with decent margins in their pocket while saving quite a sum of customer’s pocket. This makes win win proposition for one and all.

Q – What kind of training and support do you provide to the channel partners?

All our channel partners are given adequate product knowledge, and also all our products are supported by detailed reference manuals for the ease of channel partners and end users. Dedicated team at our Head Office is always at service in business hours to answer all technical queries and resolve the queries. We also support our partners in their marketing and promotion efforts to grow the business in their area.

Q – Any new product you are coming up with in this year? Any new business plan company is moving into?

We plan to add couple of new products in laptop accessories including Travel Adapters, wireless mouse. This year we look forward to remain committed to channel growth.

Q – What type of clients you are presently dealing with?

Our client profile varies significantly from a single user to large multinational companies signing national contracts with us. 60% of our sales are driven by retail wherein 40% is contributed by medium and large business houses.

Q – How do you reach the end users for service and customer satisfaction?

Our network of over 200 locations, dedicated customer support line, website live chat and feedback forms allow us to close to our end users. We always love to hear back from the real users about our products strength and weakness and what they are looking forward in future. This helps us to plan well our product line.


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