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Virtualization of Data Center, Opportunity for SPs

Virtualization of Data Center

Virtualization of Data Center

There is burgeoning opportunity in the virtualization space and solution providers need to provide focused effort to the enterprise here.

Today virtualization is being developed as a key strategy for simplifying deployment of IT resources and maximizing their utilization for the data center environment and solution providers in India can play a major role here.

Specifically, as virtualization refers to the concept of abstracting physical resources such as compute cycles, data storage, and network bandwidth, and then provisioning and sharing these resources amongst multiple applications, data centers usually look out for such partners in technology that can assist them in terms of bringing these solutions to life and that is where Solution Providers can design such virtualization solutions.


In such a data center scenario, a single server is usually “virtualized” to allow multiple operating system images to run simultaneously. And the amount of storage available to a user on a Storage Area Network or more popularly known as SAN, may be dynamically adjusted and the amount of bandwidth allocated to a given application may be increased considerably or reduced as per the requirement of the data center.

As Tarun Seth, Manain Director at New Delhi based MicroClinic put it,

‘When it comes to your important business data, accessibility and integrity are imperative. Data center virtualization can help provide uninterrupted support of Customer’s critical business initiatives. Customer’s IT infrastructure will continue running efficiently whenever and wherever you and your employees need access. And more flexible data mobility, management and storage can help protect Customer’s critical business information from loss or threat.’’

According to Ganesh Mahabala Sr. Vice President Bangaluru based Value Point Systems,

“Today Datacentre virtualization has to be looked at Holistically in virtualizing various aspects of the Data Centre – Space, Power, Cooling, Network, Compute and Storage. Then comes offsite and onsite planning and optimization. Our clients include Healthcare, Government and IT/ITES. This concept is also saving on space, save on power and Cooling, Minimize Opex and management costs, optimize utilization, higher efficiencies in data storage, security and back up, highly manageable automated DR setups with much lesser costs.

Talking about some of the big trends he said that today there are prevalent trends such as, Hybrid Datacentres – On premise and Off Premise or Internal/Private Cloud plus Public Cloud, Precision cooled to rack or row cooled, setting up data centres in months to few weeks, Single Console managed Data Centre systems – Racks, Power, Alarms, cooling, access, Compute, Storage, Network etc., all from a single software interface.

It is important to understand that Virtualization began as a niche market deployment option but owing to its immense cost related advantages, it is rapidly gaining acceptance as the most important preferred way to manage and provision system resources within a network to serve the enterprise community in a better manner.

“We feel today there are multiple leading choices – Vmware, Citrix, HP, Dell, Huwaei, Netapp, EMC, Hitachi, Oracle, CISCO, Emerson etc. Each one has some unique value propositions for Data Centre Virtualisation including Compute, Storage and Network or User Experience Devices Virtualizations. Depending on Customers Data Centre map and business needs, we design the Virtualization architecture using one or few of these leading brands and technologies,’’ Mahabala from Value Point adds on.

As Tarun Seth from Microclinic explains, few of the real world advantages are:

  • Allows quick business integration when Merger & Acquisition takes place
  • Cost of Ownerships reduction which provides ease of mind for small businesses and new as they can focus on their deliverables and functions rather than their IT infra induced capability and eligibility.
  • Consolidation for operational excellence as well as cost reduction – Like for example for companies who have a significant amount of data centers or owned IT infra around the offices because of their nature or need of business the cost savings could be substantial. It is important to note here that it provides great operational efficiency and effective process layout and adherence.
  • Compliance – Datacenter virtualization allows easy and effective adherence to compliance.

Few pointers who can be called as contributor and resultant of Datacentre Virtualization are:

  • On demand Access to IT components and services
  • Efficient and proven IT Infrastructure Stacks and systems models like VPLEX and Flexpod
  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device Initiation
  • Multi Tenancy of IT infra and resources
  • Storage Cluster and virtualization
  • Network virtualization
  • DR planning, layout and adherence


And when it comes to advantages of virtualization, it is well understood as it is putting a hold on a lot of expenditures for the data center ecosystem. Additionally, system administrators working on virtualised environment are able to capture underutilized resources and re-allocate them to constrained applications.

In addition to the above, even the hardware can be transparently replaced or upgraded with a minimum downtime time frame. For the data centers, utilizing existing resources more efficiently in this way leads to reduced infrastructure cost, better utilization of IT assets, lower power consumption, reduced cooling requirements, and inevitably lower total cost of ownership. And in such scenario, solution providers can surely take this initiative and guide the implementation of virtualization for the data center arena.

As today, server virtualization is primarily handled through specialized software provided by vendors, in such situation, solution providers and system integrators can play a positive role in terms of pushing the right solutions for the data center segment.

Details of Some important Hypervisors, Thin Clients and Server Infrastructure Providers.

Hypervisor ThinClients Servers
Vmware ESXi Wyse CISCO – UCS
XenServer HP SUN
Microsoft Hyper-V Dell IBM
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization CISCO Dell

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