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Wacom launches tech savvy products for professionals

Wacom launches tech savvy products

Wacom launches tech savvy products

Wacom, a global leader in pen tablet has launched series of technology devices to make the work simpler for professionals. The key supplier of pen and multi-touch sensor components for Smartphone, Tablet-type devices, and e-Books, etc, Wacom provides creative tools for creative businesses.

STU 530-430

The STU-530 brings colour to counters and check-outs. With its 5’’ high resolution colour LCD screen, the STU-530 is the ideal signature pad for use at the POS or customer contact point. In addition to capturing handwritten signatures, it can be utilized for branding, marketing or advertising purposes, making it a valid marketing tool also. The Wacom pen can be tethered to the pad to prevent loss. The STU-530 is made for heavy stationary use especially at counters and check-out systems.

The STU-430 is a small and robust, extremely durable signature pad. Its 4.5’’ monochrome screen is large enough to capture longer signatures as well as to accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area. The transflective LCD can easily be read in varying light conditions. A hardened glass surface protects the LCD screen and is highly resistant to scratches. The integrated pen compartment doubles as a USB cable lock to prevent accidental disconnection of the cable.

Both signature pads feature a new thin design and a low profile, flat surface. The new design reflects the market requirements for modern, robust, ergonomic and reliable signature pads. They are equipped with Wacom’s patented maintenance-free EMR technology, delivering 1,024 pressure levels. For security, an AES 256 / RSA 3048 data encryption is embedded in the signature pads. Each unit is assign

ed a unique hardware ID in order to determine the exact unit that was used to capture a particular signature.


DTH 2242

To increase interactivity, improve workflow efficiency and enhance communication Combining Wacom‘s excellent pen performance with multi-finger touch, the new DTH-2242 offers unsurpassed advantages in workflow efficiency and visual communication. Adding notes and drawings with the pen is easy and intuitive, while standard and custom touch gestures can be used to navigate within presentations or documents in a fast and natural way. The large 21.5“ LCD panel with HD resolution provides plenty of space for excellent performance.

The DTH-2242 is well suited to two very different market segments. In the medical sector, hospital and medical center doctors, opthalmologists, and dentists who write, draw or annotate on electronic medical records can now communicate more effectively with their patients.


STU-300 LCD Pad

With its small and compact design in combination with its durable and robust quality, the STU-300 LCD signature pad is ideally suited for professionals, who work with documents in mobile areas. Best example: insurance agents working in the field, or service staff carrying out repair and maintenance tasks on site.

The STU-300 enables you to capture handwritten electronic signatures without having to print off hardcopies. This will boost your workflow efficiency significantly: your customers will be able to sign contracts, approve payments and confirm deliveries quickly and securely – without any paper documents.

At the same time, the STU-300 is intuitive and easy to use. Signatures are captured easily on an LC display with a cordless, battery-free pen. The sensor registers all relevant biometric information about the signature – such as data coordinates and pressure intensity. The individual pressure profile, the writing rhythm and the writing speed result in a unique biometric signature profile. This makes forgery virtually impossible.

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