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“We must identify, new avenues, prepare for tomorrow”

Akhilesh Khandelwal, Director, Systematix Infomedia

Akhilesh Khandelwal, Director, Systematix Infomedia

Having won the award for the Best Partner for After Sales Support, Systematix Infomedia feels motivated and shared its mantra of service support is “Service with Smile”. The company is proud of its service team to resolve the problems in the quickest mode. Akhilesh Khandelwal, Director, Systematix Technologies in a candid chat with Sudeshna Banerjee shared the technological worries prevailing in the market which is affecting the business.

1. How do you feel winning the award in the category Best partner After Sales Support? How does it motivate you further?

I am Feeling great and highly motivated by getting this award. Thanks to Techplus Media for recognizing the Spirit of service and selecting us for this prestigious award. It will definitely boost the spirit of our support team and would help us to continue and take support services to newer heights.

2. How do you look at the current situation of technology landscape?

The technology landscape currently looks promising. Although most of the customers’ plan is to move safely, looking to the economic situations. But it is the right time to identify new support avenues and prepare for tomorrow. Also services will be continuously required and it is an ongoing need.

3. What are your top three technology related worries as of now?

A) The Smart phones are becoming smarter and efficient and their demand is hitting the laptop and desktop market.

B) The Licence Software business is affected due to these smart phones and portable gadgets. Cloud computing services are also affecting the business to a certain extent.

C) Being low priced the service revenue is expected to reduce.

4.How do you brace yourself to handle upcoming technologies?

In an era where technology is playing a dominant role, it is essential to keep yourself updated with the new technologies evolving every day. To keep a brush with technology I attend Technical training, short term certification courses on regular basis, Technical workshops and opt for the certifications to create edge.

5. How do you make sure that your end customers also appreciate the right technology combinations?

We keep continuous track of the customers’ needs and understand their present and future requirements by interactions and then propose the balanced and rightly sized solution. We deploy these solutions and assist them till they use it efficiently.

6. What kind of support do you get from the vendors in this direction?

Vendors keep us posted on the latest product lines and features thereby enabling us to educate customers and convert into business. Continuous new product development and availability by vendors help us to pitch new products and solutions to the customers.

7. What kind of support do you think is required to be given?

A) Better Sales Schemes and incentives to be designed for the partners.

B) Prompt warranty service to be provided to enhance the quality of service and create opportunity for new sales.

8. How do you make sure that your workforce is fully aware of new technologies and solutions?

We conduct regular knowledge sharing session every month for engineers and make them attend various workshops and trainings on rotation basis and then share the learning’s amongst each other for continuous updates

9. What kind of tech oriented internal trainings do you provide to your staff?

We create real time setups and give hands on training to the team members. We attend Webinar and trainings of various technologies and then do group discussions. If there is any problem then we provide solutions for the same and share with the team for better enablement of work.

10. What type of solutions is in demand by the end users?

Videoconferencing, Firewall, Security policy deployment, DATA Security, cloud computing are in demand by the users.

11. Which type of market do you reach the most? Any untapped market which you are planning to tap this year?

We have reached the SMB and Mid Size Corporate market. The Untapped market is the multi location support need for any corporate. Also we wish to enter the Process control Automation Support and Solution business.

12. Any new plan or project established this year?

We have ventured into process control and automation maintenance services .We have also initiated cloud computing deployment and support services.

13. Please throw light on you after sales support service?

We give prompt after sales support and resolve the problem in quickest mode with the team of well qualified and experienced engineers. “Service with Smile” is the mantra of Systematix. We do component level repairs for Laptops, motherboard, Power supplies and all electronic devices. DATA Recovery, Antivirus Solutions are also our specialisation.

14. Your vision about the company after five years?

We would be providing remote support services to international clients and look forward to establish multiple branches across the country and abroad. We want to take the support service to newer heights with our mantra of ‘Service with Smile’ with the help of our disciplined team of engineers.

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