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How Gaming can Solve Business Problems

gaming technology to solve business problems

gaming technology to solve business problems

SGIL launches gaming technology in India to solve business problems

Gone are the days when gaming was just confined to focus your senses on the games or makes your mind sharp and focused to achieve the goal. With the passing time, the gaming technology too has evolved with new technologies and experiments. Serious Games International (SGIL) launched a new gaming technology to solve business problems.

The special gaming technology use video games science and technology to solve the business problems. Carrying a huge games industry experience, SGIL creates world-class solutions to address climate change mitigation, healthcare, sustainable transport, smart cities and more.

Having been specialist in developing units, SGIL focuses on serious games, mobile applications, simulations, immersive worlds and virtualization projects. Apart from that they create and deliver applications on multiple platforms to a wide cross- section of clients in both the public and private sectors.

Carrying an extensive experience in the area of games based learning, SGIL has developed cutting edge projects for clients such as Jaguar Cars, BAE Systems, Saga Health-care, Ministry of Health and many more.

SGIL used one of its technologies “realvue” for developing the virtual version of the European Business Technology Centre’s (EBTC) based in Bengaluru, called the ‘European Technology Experience Centre (ETEC).’

This new experience centre will help to create a sustainable knowledge exchange between the Europe and India in technology, science, research, innovation and business.

The creation of the ETEC allows visitors to experience a virtual reception, walk through the technology exhibits, see videos and demos of the technology of interest and hold meetings with EU/India companies via video conference.

The development of a user interface also enables companies to access a data library in Bangaluru, making it easier for them to locate, use records, data and research held by EBTC. In essence their technology is cost effective and guarantees return on investment, saving companies time and money by doing business with each other virtually.

EBTC showcases European technologies, solutions and research and development opportunities via real and virtual media. The EBTC’s technology centre supports the main objective of assisting SMEs and research organizations in Europe and India to work together towards generating new business opportunities and technology transfer and they see the experience centre as a vital tool in securing business opportunities and partnerships.

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