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Replacing traditional ERP solutions with Cloud based Applane

Yogesh Agarwal, CEO, Applane

Yogesh Agarwal, CEO, Applane

For schools and businesses to function smoothly Applane helps in providing greater visibility of process and data to them, allowing them to focus on their business growth. Shobhit Elhance, Vice-President, Applane talks to Bhawna Satsangi about providing the proactive and efficient software support to the organizations and institutes at quantifiable price points.

What is the big focus for your organization?

The big focus of our organization is to replace the traditional on-premise ERP solutions with the cloud-based Applane. Our motto is to help organizations be more efficient. Applane does this by increasing the visibility of process data and automating the processes.

How do you look at the Indian market for school automation and education applications etc?

We feel that the Indian education sector is ripe for an ERP revolution. Most reputed schools have already taken the lead by getting their processes automated. Now, with cloud-based solutions like Applane Education, schools who are not interested in incurring huge maintenance and administration costs are also moving to Cloud for automation.

What is your strategy to enhance your exposure in this segment?

Our strategy has always been delivering on our promises. Word of mouth is one of the key factors that has given us great exposure – to the point that we have received queries from UK.

What is your go to market strategy for India?

The channels we focus on are direct sales, incoming queries and referrals.

What kind of plans do you have with regards to introducing new age technology like virtualisation / cloud / big data etc to the education segment in India?

Our product is entirely Google Cloud based. Without wide-spread automation it will take some time to create the amount of electronic data that Big Data needs, in order to provide insights. Till then, we are focusing on getting schools to cloud.

How will the ERP help business and schools?

For businesses, Applane will help by automating the processes, resulting in savings in terms of costs as well as resources. For schools, Applane minimizes the effort on the activities surrounding education delivery and helps build more efficient institutions.

What are the advantages of the application?

The seamlessly integrated modules address the concerns of each of the stakeholders in the value-creation process: Teachers save time, thanks to the report card generation and time-table generation modules; Parents’ lives become easier, thanks to the online fee submission and auto-generated notifications via SMS and email; Schools benefit a great deal from resource and cost savings from the automation of activities surrounding the education delivery process. For students, Applane provides a portal where they can make queries, view circulars, and study material. Being a cloud ERP, Applane also brings in the typical advantages of cloud technology, like scalability and security.

How does Applane work?

Applane has been created in the Node.js technology stack and is hosted on Google Cloud.

What are the challenges schools and business face?

Schools face difficulties at every step – from admission to time-table generation to correcting examination papers, marking and result generation. All this consumes a lot of resources. Businesses face similar problems in managing prospects and projects, payroll processing, transport management, communication management, etc. These problems are addressed by the seamlessly integrated modules of Applane.

How will it help in overcoming the challenges for business and schools?

Applane helps in overcoming the challenges by helping businesses and schools greater visibility of their processes and data; allowing them to make processes more efficient and focus on their core business function.

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