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Experiencing multiple touch appliances, focusing on Taiwan Touch Showcase in 2013 Suzhou eMEX

Touch ShowcaseTouch applications have become the future and a requisite part of product design in ICT industry. In order to present the creativeness and technology advantage of Taiwanese enterprises over the supply chain of touch industry, Taipei Computer Association invites leading companies in touch technology such as TPK, ELAN Microelectronics, ASUS, ACER, Ememe Robot and DAGI to showcase their finest products and touch-related components in the upcoming 2013 Suzhou Electronic Manufacturer Exposition(abbreviated to eMEX) from Oct. 16th to Oct. 20th, allowing domestic and overseas visitors to personally experience the sophistication of Taiwanese products and the convenience brought by touch technology.

In the Taiwan Touch Showcase of Smart Technology Appliances expo during 2013eMEX, TPK and ELAN Microelectronics are going to parade their technological strengths through exhibiting various touch modules, sensors, chipsets, finished goods and solutions. For example, TPK will present its 22-inch & 32-inch touchscreen and 70-inch interactive touchscreen for immediate trial at the spot, thus promoting the technological advantage of TPK over interactive digital signage, touch TV and AIO (All-in-One) with touch. On the other hand, ELAN Microelectronics will come forward with their smart-touch solutions for notebook, tablet, smartphone and AIO. Practical applications such as laptops and tablets are also available at the event, showing the excellence of ELAN Microelectronics in providing smart-touch solutions.

For the indispensability of touch application in today’s electronic products, ASUS has successfully developed a series of innovative products such as the Vivobook, Transformer Pad Infinity and PadFone 2, which will all be presented in 2013eMEX. Acer, another leading brand from Taiwan, will also go all out for its touchscreen notebook series, including the S7 Ultrabook, p3 tablet PC and V5 touchscreen notebook, providing unprecedented user experience of touch technology.

Regarding other touch appliances, DAGI will showcase 12 different capacitive stylus pen designed for smartphone, tablet, laptop and AIO. Besides, while compared to ordinary products, the Transparent Capacitive Stylus Pen exclusive for iDevices( iPhone4/4s/5 & iPad) allows its users to directly draw on their smartphones or tablets with far more excellent resolution. On the other hand, Ememe Robot is going to exhibit their vacuum cleaner, EMEME Tulip 100, which owns a stylish, simplistic model and a mirror-finished touch panel designed by the IF award winner. With 5 different smart modes, EMEME Tulip 100 is able to sweep every corner in your house, and can be operated on various materials such as wood, marble, ceramic and carpet, offering comprehensive help and convenience in house cleaning.

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