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“Changes in IT, Drive Innovation Ahead”

Tarun Seth

Changes in IT, Drive Innovation Ahead- Tarun Seth

Service focused organization in the field of IT infrastructure Management, Micro Clinic has always been on the forefront of innovation table and believes that security should be the beginning to protect businesses now and not at a later stage after an unfortunate event has occurred. Providing security solutions to the businesses, Micro Clinic has made advancement in innovations and has been scaling heights in the segment. In a tete-a-tete with Tarun Seth, Managing Director, Micro Clinic, Bhawna Satsangi finds out the new innovations that the company has done in recent times.

Have you engaged yourself in an innovative product or process development?

We started four years back getting into man services and we have a team of software developers who writes scripts on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Today IT has become inherent part of any organization. If IT fails, everything fails in an organization. It is a very tedious affair, if there’s problem an engineer comes, try and test it to detect the problem. The downtime is increasing because the factors of IT are becoming very large. So we have started this man service which is different in approach. Earlier nobody use to appreciate it. People were skeptical of allowing us to take the machine off online because they wanted us to take it online. Suppose, when you work on the machine there are temp files, so on a particular date and time it will delete all the temp files. Similarly there are patches available, it checks your machine and if there are no patches, updates the patches on the machine.

We wanted to become proactive in our service and approach. With our new endeavor we have tried to solve the machine problems. Before customer comes to know what is the problem, machine identifies, rectifies and then the mail or SMS is send to the customer that the problem that occurred has been rectified.

I believe all apps are intelligent because we work on SNMP forum. This is the innovation that we have done and today we are not specializing in different verticals of service.

Another innovation that we have done is in infrastructure segment. For Example you have a laptop, you have your workstation and you can use it from anywhere. However, the customer wants to know who is using the laptop so for that we have device the system where whoever takes the laptop, it will keep a track as to where he is and who is using it and if in case it’s lost, it takes the photograph of a person and send a mail with details of the person that he is in particular area because he is mapped to Google earth.

Today because of security and reliability people are moving from desktop to Thin Clients. Major problem is imaging. Everytime when there’s a change in image, you need people to keep a track. We have automated it with PC virus where it updates the images what on a network or a VLAN so it reduces the human time and makes your system ready. Similarly work stations are for high end people. High powered, high salary people work on workstation but the major problem with workstation is when the workstation collapses or corrupted then the workstation update takes lot of time. So we create an image, the moment anything happen we will just run the images and the leap time is two minutes instead of two hours.

Network is also another medium where innovations are plenty. Today when you work on LAN, you don’t come to know where the problem is. You don’t check one by one as it is very time consuming so there’s a screen which tells you where the traffic is stuck and why it is stuck. You can rectify them. So in all sectors of IT we have done this.

What are the challenges you find while applying the new innovations?

One of the major challenges is that people don’t understand new innovations. It is only the top level people who understand new techniques. I am not saying companies to replace people, I am saying make your people more productive. Today people’s knowledge is limited to particular field where as IT is a large field so you can’t keep a person for every field. There’s a scare in the mind of IT manager that if he works on new technology then he might lose the power. Today everything is online, you can see what is happening and it has become transparent to an organization. Sooner or later everybody will use new technologies because people’s cost is going up and you can’t afford to call people every time.

How does your organization, look at the innovation space?

Innovation is pretty excited. All engineers want to use new techniques. The life curve is technical updation and if they don’t get technical updation then it’s difficult. So here they have technical updation and they know how to write a script. What they use to do by hand now they can do it automatically by just putting a liner. Things have changed and have helped the engineers. They have learned different ways of satisfying the customer.

What is innovation in your opinion and how do you define it?

It is nothing. We keep doing new things everyday but it becomes an innovation when it is accepted by the people. If it remains only in a box it is a new idea which came and went. We have done so many innovations which was ahead of time. We were the first people who brought the camera technology 10 years back which was too early as no one had bought it. Now everybody has the surveillance in place.

What are some of the big innovations you as an organization have done?

We had done 2-3 big installations. We have done media installation on E-clerks where virtual desktop environment have been created for their Mumbai and Chandigarh offices. The cost of ownership had really come down and productivity had increased. Similarly, we gave solutions for Volkswagen where we have done innovation for the entire storage implementation and the entire set up was created by us. So we keep doing things based on customer’s requirement. But I won’t call them as innovation, they were just implementations. The customer writes it as an innovation because something new has happened in their organization. These things are happening across the globe.

Why do you think innovation is important for the market or the end-customer?

IT is all innovation so that’s why it’s kicking. You don’t need i7 or i8, one can still work on i3. But if you don’t do innovations how will things move. IT is one area which changes every night, every minute there’s some innovation which is happening.

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