Tuesday , 2 September 2014
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Trend Micro gives safer mobile experience to users

mobile gaming

With the rapid rise of malicious and high-risk mobile apps in today’s increasingly connected digital lifestyles, Trend Micro Inc., developer of security software solutions, has come together with mobile game developers from India – CreatioSoft, Tuttifruitti Interactive and Gamania – and around Asia to set up the Safe Gaming Alliance. This announcement signifies Trend Micro’s new focus on the mobile ... Read More »

eScan alert users of fake discounts on internet


eScan, Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution providers, warns users of Fake discounts on internet, this festive season. After searching online for her favorite brand for clothes online, she chanced upon an advertisement which offered great discounts for the very brand she was interested in. How could Shalini ignore such a great offer? Shalini was directed to a discount page where ... Read More »

Tips to evade pirated software


Pirated software can lead to major business loss for you if it is not rectified at proper time. Avoiding pirated software can protect your system from potential bugs, system crashes, and costly viruses. To stay safe, you need to understand how such software gets into the market and onto your computers. To help users, Adobe recommends quick tips to protect ... Read More »

Spice brings FireFox smartphone

spice mobile

In a midst of costly and mid segment smartphones flood, Spice has created a ruckus in the smartphone segment while launching an ultra low cost smartphone for those who want to switch from a feature phone to smartphone. Spice Fire One Mi-FX 1 priced at Rs. 2,299 is purely targeted to nearly 90 percent of the feature phone users. The ... Read More »

The era of socializing

social media today it is possible to be in touch with anyone

Last night I found my long lost friend on WhatsApp while browsing my contact list and to my surprise he was online and ping me. We chatted almost for an hour discussing about professional and personal lives. I was so much touched and the conversation had brought back the memories of good old school days where we use to have ... Read More »


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